Hell - o I am Leo Nygren, an old Finnish wizard from Helsinki, digging in my stories deeply into the original shamanism and witchcraft of Finland, where witches still fly with their brooms and cats and pans, with full moon behind, every Easter - in the postcards anyway. As the story goes, people of the archipelago tried to sell a stump of rope to the skippers of the early sailing ships that dared to venture to these shallow waters. There were three knots on that rope, and they said that when you open the first knot you get a nice breeze to navigate safely among the islands. When you open the second knot you get a moderate wind for the more open waters, but don’t open the third knot as that brings a devilish storm for you. Some skippers laughed at this and they refused to buy it, but then the islanders lit their beacon fires at wrong places causing her to run aground, and as was the custom at those times, the ship’s cargo belonged to the islanders then. I am a direct descendant of those islanders, so you better “buy” my stories to salve your minds from a bad wreck. By the way, there is a “hel(l)” and “sin” in the name of Helsinki.

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